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FT Faculty and Librarians Other Benefits

529 College Savings Plan

All full-time RISD faculty and librarians can participate in a tax-advantaged program that will help them save for eligible college expenses, such as tuition and other school-related expenses such as books, supplies, housing, and meal plans. The benefit is administered by CollegeBound Saver.

Start Date: May begin on first day of employment, contingent upon completing the appropriate paperwork with CollegeBound Saver
End Date: Last day of active employment
Cost: Contribution specified by employee and deducted from their payroll, subject to IRS tax limits

Go to collegeboundsaver.com, call customer service at 877-615-4116, or click here for more information and/or assistance.

Auto and Home Insurance

All full-time RISD faculty and librarians can purchase auto and home (including condominiums and renters) insurance at group lower rates through Liberty Mutual.

Go to libertymutual.com or contact Jennifer Bergeron by email at jennifer.bergeron@comparioninsurance.com for more information and assistance.

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

Full-time faculty, librarians and qualified beneficiaries enrolled in any of RISD’s group health plans (medical and dental) can continue coverage through COBRA in the event that they:

  • involuntarily lose coverage.
  • become no longer eligible to continue coverage during the plan year. 

COBRA-eligible employees and qualified beneficiaries will receive more information in a separate mailing from Benefit Strategies (RISD’s COBRA administrator) at the time of eligibility.

Go to benstrat.com or call customer service at 800 371-7542 for more information or assistance.

Employee Assistance Program

RISD provides employees and their family members access to high-quality, reliable and confidential services through Coastline EAP, our employee assistance provider. Employees and their family members can access EAP free of charge. All services are voluntary and confidential, and cover a wide-range of items including:

  • legal assistance
  • financial assistance
  • counseling referrals
  • work/life resources

Learn more about RISD’s EAP program.

Tickets at Work

Tickets at Work is a complimentary perk that gives you access to 20–60% off deals on movies, hotels, shows, concerts, sporting events and more at locations across the country. Deals update on a monthly basis, so be sure to check back often for new offerings.

Please note that RISD is not responsible for the administration of this program. Contact Tickets at Work with any questions or concerns.

Thank you to RISD Staff Council for introducing us to this exciting program and for helping make this possible for all RISD faculty and staff.

Company Code: RISDESIGN

Go to ticketsatwork.com/tickets or call Tickets at Work at 800 331–6483 for information and customer support.

Additional RISD Campus Perks

Full-time faculty and librarians can access many other campus perks available to all RISD employees, including parking, options for on-campus dining, RISD Museum membership and more.