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Rhode Island School of Design has a distinguished history of providing innovative leadership in art and design education and an ongoing commitment to creative experimentation and risk-taking. This progressive, inquisitive attitude permeates RISD’s campus culture.

We invite you to explore exciting opportunities to join more than 2,300 students and 1,000 faculty, curators and administrative and support staff that make up this dynamic community. As an employer, RISD offers a supportive, collegial and inclusive work environment and a competitive benefits package.

Rhode Island School of Design is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Faculty Openings

We invite you to explore faculty employment opportunities at RISD, where creativity and diversity are the foundations of our culture.

Staff Openings: External Candidates

RISD tracks applicants through the Workday recruiting system. All non-faculty staff positions along with openings for instructors in RISD CE are posted in this category. Please create a new user account to submit applications for these positions in Workday.

Staff Openings: Current Employees

Current employees are invited to view available positions in Workday. You will need to log in to your personal account to submit an internal application.

Continuing Education Instructor Openings

With courses running throughout the academic year and during the summer, RISD Continuing Education (RISD CE) offers opportunities to teach students of all ages in a range of creative fields. We invite interested candidates to search for open RISD CE positions in Workday, where you will also find all current RISD staff openings.*

*To narrow your Workday search to CE instructor positions only, please apply the correct filter. External candidates will need to create a new user account in Workday to submit applications for CE Instructor and all other open positions.

Why I Work at RISD

Beth Papagolos, RISD employee

The inclusive, creative and inquisitive culture attracted me to RISD, and I am excited to use my skills to help the wider community achieve their academic goals.

Beth Papagolos

Cedrik Samson, RISD employee

I chose to come to RISD because I loved the idea of doing help desk for a school. I have always enjoyed working with the younger generation and it fills my heart with joy to work with students, staff and faculty to serve their IT needs.

– Cedrik Samson

Emilee Kilburn, RISD employee

RISD drew me in with its culture, people and possibilities. I have found a place for myself within RISD where I can continue growing and doing meaningful work.

– Emilee Kilburn