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Employee Recognition

RISD Recognizes

The RISD Recognizes program, which we are currently reimagining, facilitates recognition and appreciation by celebrating achievements and fostering inclusion. It does not replace appreciation and recognition from managers and peers in less formal but no less meaningful ways. A simple thank you is very meaningful, especially when offered soon after the accomplishment.

RISD Recognizes Celebrations

Each year RISD honors recipients of Excellence Awards, as well as members who have achieved service longevity milestones. 

RISD Staff at Recognition Event
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Celebrating Service Longevity

In appreciation of the time staff dedicate to RISD, we present the following gifts at the fall event to celebrate attainment of the milestones below:

  • 5 years: Service anniversary certificate
  • 10 years: $10 RISD Bucks and 10-year ID card
  • 15 years: $15 RISD Bucks and 15-year ID card
  • 20 years: $20 RISD Bucks and 20-year ID card
  • 25 years: $25 RISD Bucks and 25-year ID card