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2017-18 Recognition

Watch the highlights from the 2018 RISD Recognizes ceremony, profiles of the Excellence Awards winners and a list of the Service Longevity honorees.

Excellence Award Winners

During the 2017-18 recognition cycle, 130 individuals were nominated for their exceptional contributions. Of these nominations, a total of 66 individuals received awards through our Make Your Mark Program. We also received 64 nominations for employee recognition in our strategic excellence categories.

From the strategic excellence nominees, the RISD Recognizes Committee selected the following Excellence Awards Winners:

Efficiency/Innovation Excellence: Michael Kolendowicz

Inclusion/Diversity: Laurie Chronley & Erin Unkefer

Leadership Excellence: Jessica Meers

Service Excellence: Nancy Severance

Teamwork/Department Excellence: Office of Intercultural Student Services (OISS) — Kate Sacco, Barbara Kluesner, Amy Andrea Iglasias

Service Longevity Honorees

5 years:
Maria Andrade
Dinis Bairos
David Brown
Michael Cambra
Brendan Campbell
Elliot Clapp
Steven Clift
Justin Cook
Julia D’Amico
Rachael DuMoulin
Gwendoline Farrelly
Noah Frase
Derek Furry
Normand Gamache
Julio Goncalves
David Gould
Anayra Gracia
Robert Hanke
Amy Barr Heihsel
Marcee Johnson
Kiku Langford McDonald
Sindia Mejia
Dominic Molon
Elia Monteiro
Alicia Luzon
Molly Pettengill
Jeremy Radtke
Keelin Reekie
Daniel Regan
Christina Rodriguez
Betsy Ruppa
Brianna Smith
Peter Soares
Simone Solondz
Raymond St.Germain
Kathleen Taylor
Andre Torres
Jessica Urick
Elizabeth Williams

10 years:
Lisa Bennett
Ariel Bordeaux
Tiffany Bowman
Maureen Buttenheim
David Crocker
Catherine Davis
Marisa Gutmacher
Fritz Harryson
Daniel Hewett
Kevin Hughes
Gabrielle Jacobson
William La Pierre
Danielle Mancuso
Thomas Mefford
Tiffanie Mitchell
Arturo Moscoso
Colleen Mullaly
Erika Namaka
Ingrid Neuman
Tracy O’Brien
Shane Richards
Nicole Smith
Shauna Summers
Damion Vania
Adalgisa Vieira
Donald Vota
Damian White
Amanda Wright

15 years:
Ryan Cabral
Denise Campbell
William Cline
Scheri Fultineer
Karen Harris
Kate Irvin
Gusjanto Limiadi
Mainor Marin
Angelo Medeiros
Antonia Monteiro
Luisa Moura
Cristina Pimentel
Willie Sills
Julie Talbutt
Alan Tracy

20 years:
Agueda Antunes
Patricia Barbeito
Cheryl Butler
Maria Cabral
Charles Cannon
Patricia Dickie
Douglas Doe
Francine Ferrante
Erik Gould
Jolie Leach
Naomi Messier
Paul Mullen
Lina Pacheco
John Riedel
John Sunderland
Tricia Sweeney
Judith Tanzi
Kimberly Tanzi Harpin
McDonald Wright

25+ years:
Catherine Davis-Hayes
Isaac Jolcimat
Stephanie Kirwan
Patricia Straube
Richard Tamborelli