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RISD Compensation Program

Our compensation program is designed to be:

  • transparent
  • socially equitable and inclusive
  • administratively simple and adaptable to the changing needs of our workforce
  • financially sustainable
  • compliant with all applicable laws, including the Rhode Island Pay Equity Act and other equal pay laws, equal employment opportunity laws, benefits regulations and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • aligned with the mission and values of our institution

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Salary Administration Process

Find information about RISD’s salary administration process, including position descriptions, salary grade structures and a helpful glossary of terms.

Salary Adjustments

Aon Compensation Project Updates

RISD partnered with Aon, an objective and external third-party compensation advisor, to help create a consistent and modern framework that aligns with the institution’s mission, incorporates best practices, is fair and compliant, and enables the recruitment, retention and reward of RISD employees.