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Salary Administration Process

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Salary administration is the process by which we determine and manage pay.  Our salary administration process begins with a position description, which is a document used to identify and clearly articulate the key duties, responsibilities, and qualifications necessary to perform the job. (See position description form.)

Once a position description has been written by the hiring manager and approved in accordance with the position approval process, Human Resources will:

  • determine if the position is “exempt” or “non-exempt” in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • conduct research of “like” positions in the external market peer group. A “like” position is a position with similar functions, responsibilities and duties, and requires similar knowledge, skills and experience.
  • compare the role to others at RISD, based on job scope and major responsibilities; job complexity and impact; job accountability, knowledge, skills and competencies required; and education and experience needed to ensure internal equity.
  • assign a salary grade to the position.

Please note: Managers should initiate job evaluations when an employee’s job functions have changed by 20% or more. The job evaluation focuses on the position, not the incumbent, when determining salary grade.

FLSA Respective Tests

FLSA duties tests help determine whether a job is exempt or non-exempt as it relates to minimum wage and overtime obligations. Find below more information about each respective duties test.