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Check-In Conversations

Between kick-off goal/expectation setting and your end-of-year conversation, managers and employees should engage in two (or more, as desired) performance-based check-in conversations and note the highlights of your conversations in Workday.

To guide this process, we have developed prompt questions to help prepare for the check-in. Please find below a high-level overview for completing Workday documentation and several job aids for both employees and managers.

Check-In Conversation Guide

Meaningful performance management is simple: talk about expectations, goals and priorities, and exchange useful feedback.

In check-in conversations, focus on the period following your most recent performance conversation. Managers and employees can use this time to recognize accomplishments, redirect efforts as necessary and clarify expectations. In the best performance conversations, manager and employee engage in a productive dialogue with a high degree of mutuality and understanding.

As you prepare for your conversation, consider the prompts below. Note the key takeaways from your discussion.

Here’s what I’ve focused on since we last spoke. Here’s what I’m proud of…What’s going well? Tell me about any updates and accomplishments since we last spoke.
Here’s what’s been getting in the way of my accomplishing this goal or task…What’s getting in your way? What can I do more/less of to better support you?
What are the most important priorities for the coming period? What are the expected results? By when?Here’s what’s most important (the expectations) in the coming period.

View a recording of the Check-In Conversation process overview here.

Check-in Conversation Process in Workday

Human Resources will initiate the check-in conversation process twice a year. However, managers may independently initiate the process by recording takeaways from conversations that take place outside the standard timeline and fulfill check-in requirements. Please refer to the “Check-In Conversation Job Aid for Managers” below for more information.

Remember that you do not need to provide heavy documentation. What’s important is the quality of your conversation and the opportunity to provide useful feedback and greater clarity about goals, tasks and priorities.


  1. Human Resources initiates process in Workday
  2. Employee receives Workday inbox item prompting them to engage in check-in conversation process
  3. Manager and employee hold their check-in conversation
  4. Employee documents and submits conversation highlights in Workday
  5. Manager receives Workday Inbox item to review the check-in conversations highlights submitted by the employee and provides additional highlights as needed. The manager then completes the process by submitting the inbox task in Workday.

Note: employee and manager should meet for the check-in conversation before completing any steps in Workday.