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2012-13 Recognition

Watch the highlights from the 2013 RISD Recognizes ceremony, profiles of the Excellence Awards winners and a list of the Service Longevity honorees.

Excellence Award Winners

During the 2012-13 recognition cycle, 361 individuals were nominated for their exceptional contributions—a number more than double that of the previous cycle. Much of the increase can be attributed to our new Make your Mark program. This was designed and implemented to provide more flexible and immediate opportunities to express gratitude and acknowledge not only wonderful work, but also how it is completed.

From these nominations, the RISD Recognizes Committee selected the following Excellence Awards Winners:

Cost savings/efficiency: Christian Dailey

Service Excellence: Pamela Kimel

Leadership: Edward Newhall

Teamwork: MLK Jr. Lecture Series Team — Jerri Drummond, Tony Johnson, Brian Janes and Anthony Jacques

Service Longevity Honorees

5 years:
Rebecca Bermont
Ariel Bordeaux
Tiffany Bowman
David Crocker
Catherine J. Davis
Iria F. Furtado
Marisa L. Gutmacher
Fritz O. Harryson
Elaine P. Hetu
Jennifer K. Howley
Narjette E. Jackson
Gabrielle Jacobsen
William C. La Pierre
Shun “Sam” Liang
John T. Maeda
Paul J. Meade
Thomas D. Mefford
Arturo A. Moscoso
Manuel B. Moura
Ingrid A. Neuman
Tracy O’Brien
Robert A. Papp
Carole A. Ranucci
Elaine M. Robinson
Judith “Anj” Shaw
Denise M. Siomkin
Damion F. Vania
Adalgisa D. Vieira
Donald E. Vota
Amanda L. Wright

10 years:
Joao F. Andrade
Kevin C. Burns
Janet L. Grewer
Karen C. Harris
Kate S. Irvin
Gusjanto Y. Limiadi
Mainor A. Marin
Angelo F. Medeiros
Luisa C. Moura
Cristina Pimentel
Julie J. Talbutt
Alan M. Tracy
Joseph D. Vena

15 years:
Agueda M. Antunes
Cidalia C. Bairos
Cheryl A. Butler
Denise L. Campbell
Deborah A. Clemons
Douglas W. Doe
Maria C. Ferreira
Erik D. Gould
Jolie A. Leach
John S. Riedel
Zinalia M. Sousa
Kimberly A. Souza
Glenn W. Stinson
John L. Sunderland
Kenneth A. Sweet
Thomas F. Szilagyi
Kimberly A. Harpin
Judith D. Tanzi
McDonald Wright
Karen F. Zucconi

20 years:
Catherine M. Davis-Hayes
Isaac Jolcimat
Susan Mazzucco
Patricia M. Straube
Margarida M. Vieira

25+ years:
William F. Andreozzi
David S. Chandler
Deborah M. Domaingue
Mark E. Moscone
Carol S. Terry