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2014-15 Recognition

Watch the highlights from the 2015 RISD Recognizes ceremony, profiles of the Excellence Awards winners and a list of the Service Longevity honorees.

Excellence Award Winners

During the 2014-15 recognition cycle, 331 individuals were nominated for their exceptional contributions. Of these nominations, a total of 190 individuals received awards through our Make Your Mark Program. We also received 141 nominations for employee recognition in our strategic excellence categories.

From the strategic excellence nominees, the RISD Recognizes Committee selected the following Excellence Awards Winners:

Efficiency/Innovation Excellence: risdbucks Implementation Team — Tila Adams, Paul Bento, Joseph Bernier, Steven Boudreau, Sarah Caggiano, Michael Cambra, Spencer Dhupa, Deborah Domaingue, Virginia Dunleavy, Spencer Dhupa, Isabel Ferreira, Derek Furry, Harry Kohn, Ian Lyons, Tom Mattos, Karen Pietropaoli, Erik Quimby, Nancy Severance, Pierre St-Germain, Richard Tamborelli

Inclusion/Diversity: Chris Lauth

Leadership Excellence: Jack Silva

Service Excellence: Denise Campbell

Teamwork/Department Excellence: Student Financial Services — Vanessa Beaudoin, Shannon Gallagher, Anthony Gallonio, Nelly Hoffens-Vargas, Maria Stadanlick, Cecile Theroux, Bonnie Wojcik

Service Longevity Honorees

5 years:
Manuel Azevedo
Rebecca Bardsley
Janice Bowker
James Burke
Sarah Caggiano
William Flacco
Anthony Gallonio
Mara Hermano
Michael Kolendowicz
Shaun Limiadi
Silvia McKitchen
Carrie Miller
Vivian Neumann
Neal Overstrom
Patricia Phillips
Susan Rothstein
Kristin Samuelson
Bolajoko Sanni
Polly Spenner
Wanda Vandemortel

10 years:
Martin Almonte
Jonathan Andrade
Ana Bressette
Patricia Brown
Richard Card
Anthony Ledoux
Jennifer Liese
Abe Lugo
Matthew Martin
Jon Minasian
Michael Owen
Antonio Peters
Richard Price
Tony Reeves
Claire Robinson
Nicole Smith
Jonathan Stone
Ty Varszegi
Tracy Woolford

15 years:
Dean Abanilla
Wendy Abelson
Brian Bergeron
Alan Cantara
William Chenel
Laurie Chronley
Eduarda Ferreira
Sylvia Fournier
Susan Gifford
Susan Grimes
Janice Howard
Tony Johnson
Pamela Kimel
Cindy Mellor-Neale
Kevin Page
Rebecca Paiva
Eva Pereira
Joseph Pirraglia
Robert Prata
Erik Quimby

20 years:
Susan Andersen
Barbara Andrade
Michelle Cummings
Tara Emsley
Dennis Fiore
Fatima Froias
Brian Goldberg
Don Morton
Stephen Wing

25+ years:
Lurdes Hilario
Kevin Jankowski
Joan Kelaghan
Karen Pietropaoli