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2013-14 Recognition

Watch the highlights from the 2014 RISD Recognizes ceremony, profiles of the Excellence Awards winners and a list of the Service Longevity honorees.

Excellence Award Winners

During the 2013-14 cycle, 360 individuals were recognized for their exceptional contributions. Of these nominations, a total of 268 individuals received awards through our Make Your Mark Program, and 92 individuals were acknowledged in our strategic excellence categories.

From the nominations in our strategic excellence categories, the RISD Recognizes Committee selected the following Excellence Awards Winners:

Cost Savings/Efficiency: Alison Sherman

Inclusion/Diversity: Alicia Luzon

Leadership: Susan Andersen

Service Excellence: Patricia Brown

Teamwork: Capital Oversight Committee — Janine Connelly, Ned Draper, Bob Hanke, Paul Mullen, Anthony Petrocchi, Anj Shaw, and Jack Silva

Service Longevity Honorees

5 years:
Babette Allina
Lisa Bennett
Maureen Buttenheim
Brian Clark
Stephen Cooke
William Dennis
Sarah Ganz Blythe
Nicholas Holcomb
Kevin Hughes
Rebecca King
Danielle Mancuso
Tiffanie Mitchell
Colleen Mullaly
Erika Namaka
Shane Richards
Nathaniel Smith
Shauna Summers
Nong Suon
Kathryn Symons

10 years:
Jeffrey Bernier
Maria Braga
Ryan Cabral
Marc Calhoun
Liz Camara
William Cline
Whitney Davis
Jody Fattibene
Mary Jane George
Marny Kindness
Antonia Monteiro
Philip Oliveira
Willie Sills
Pierre St-Germain

15 years:
Maria Cabral
Christian Dailey
Patricia Dickie
Francie Ferrante
Joseph Lamontagne
Rick Lescault
Beth Mitchell
Paul Mullen
Lina Pacheco
Peter Paniccia
Karen Smith
Tricia Sweeney

20 years:
Ed Crowe
Maria DaSilva
Sheila Donohue
Alice Geoffrey
Monique Hauser
Stephanie Kirwan
Richard Tamborelli
Tracy Voccio

25+ years:
Tila Adams
Margarida Andrade
Michael Bilodeau
Maria Ferreira
Peggy Lewis
Stephen McCaughey
Kevin McNeil
Maria Medeiros
David Oberlander
Maureen O’Brien
James Silverthorn
Nancy Skolos
Cecile Theroux
Alecia Underhill