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New Feature: Moving Within


Starting in February 2022, the RISD at Work newsletter will include a new, ongoing feature focused on RISD staff who have moved into new positions or have been promoted into new roles across the college. It’s no secret that the RISD at Work On the Move feature is among our most popular content, and want to take the opportunity to highlight the stories of those moving within our community. In this edition, we are featuring two staff members—Public Safety Sergeant Katie Fassnacht and Development Associate Emilee Kilburn.

For Sergeant Fassnacht, a longtime member of the RISD community since 2009, she felt the time was right to further her career and responsibilities when a Sergeant position opened within her department. She noted that what she most enjoys about her new position are the challenges and responsibilities the role presents, and the ability to use “even more critical thinking skills and embrace becoming a leader and mentor.”

“My managers in Public Safety are always supportive and when the opportunity presented itself, I was encouraged to apply by both my superior officers and my peers,” said Sergeant Fassnacht. “I believe my managers will further assist me in my ability to supervise the new generation of Public Safety officers and further my career here at RISD.”

When asked “Why RISD,” Sergeant Fassnacht shared, “RISD provides a unique opportunity to serve a diversified community. I enjoy the variety of calls that range from medical incidents to public assistance to investigations campus wide. The integration of security and Emergency Medical Services keep things interesting while providing a crucial service.”

You might recognize Emilee Kilburn who worked at RISD in a temporary capacity as a Testing Assistant at our COVID Test Center, and with the HR team as an HR Administrative Assistant before moving into her new role as a Development Associate in Institutional Advancement!

“RISD drew me in with its culture, people, and possibilities. I’ve loved all my roles at RISD and am thankful for each one, but I’m very excited to now be part of IA and the RISD Fund team because of the level at which this area of the college has evolved in just a few years, and the importance of the work we do to make the RISD experience possible and worthwhile for everyone. I have found a place for myself within RISD where I can continue growing and doing meaningful work,” said Emilee.

For both staff members, they found the process of applying for their new roles easy through the use of Workday! To apply for open positions at RISD:

  • Log into Workday
  • Click on the ‘Career’ worklet on your homepage
  • Click on ‘Find Jobs’ to view what’s available

RISD currently has more than 40 positions posted, with new opportunities added on a near-weekly basis, so be sure to check back often.

Photo: L to R – Sergeant Kathryn (Katie) Fassnacht and Development Associate Emilee Kilburn