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Staff Separating from RISD

Voluntary Separation


A non-exempt employee who voluntarily resigns their position should provide RISD two weeks’ notice. For exempt employees, we request four weeks’ notice. In the rare instance that the employee’s supervisor wishes for the employee to leave before the end of the employee’s notice period, the employee may receive pay for the remainder of that period, after consultation with Human Resources.

Workday Process

Separating employees should submit a formal resignation via Workday after informally notifying their supervisor. The employee may optionally submit a letter of resignation as part of the Workday resignation process. If the separating employee does not submit a formal resignation, supervisors must initiate the termination via Workday and upload the resignation letter/correspondence. In either case, the termination must be promptly completed to avoid an overpayment of wages subject to reversal.

Absence Without Notification

RISD deems an employee who is absent from work for three consecutive work days without notifying their immediate supervisor (barring any unusual circumstances that preclude timely notification) has resigned their position.

Ending Temporary Employment 

Temporary employees are at-will meaning that either the employee (voluntary) or the College (involuntary) may terminate the relationship at any time, however, temporary employment most commonly ends when the short-term assignment concludes. Supervisors are responsible for terminating temporary employees and ending contingent workers in Workday once their short-term assignment ends. Timely termination is necessary to remove ID card and system (email and other) access when responsibilities conclude and to ensure that overpayment of wages does not occur.

Involuntary Discharge

RISD may involuntarily discharge an employee for a number of reasons during and after the probationary period, including but not limited to, unsatisfactory performance, serious misconduct or other policy violations. See the Corrective Action Process Policy for additional details.

Post-Resignation/Termination Procedures

RISD expects supervisors to process a separation of employment promptly via Workday to ensure that the employee’s campus and system access ends at the time of separation. As part of the Workday termination process, separating employees receive all relevant information via their RISD email; therefore, the supervisor must initiate the process as soon as possible before the employee’s last day of work. Supervisors can use the termination checklist to help navigate the separation process or contact your HR partner for additional information.

Exit Process

Return of RISD Property

Employees must return to RISD all documents, files, books, records, computers and electronic records, software materials, discs, keys, equipment, passes, identification materials and all other RISD property no later than by their separation date. Additionally, employees may not delete any data, records, files or information related to or digitally stored on RISD property/equipment prior to the date of separation.

The employee’s supervisor is responsible for arranging the return of RISD property, including:

  • identification card
  • parking hang tag
  • office and desk keys
  • RISD-issued credit cards
  • RISD manuals/handbooks
  • uniforms
  • computers and laptops
  • cell phones and PDAs
  • RISD-provided, job-related equipment
  • work output and documents
  • any additional RISD-owned or issued property


Applicable benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision cease on the last day of the month of RISD employment. Employees can choose to convert, at their own expense, to individual life insurance directly with the carrier and/or continue medical/dental benefits in accordance with COBRA regulations.

Funds accumulated in a terminating employee’s retirement plan may be left in the plan and invested at the employee’s continued direction, rolled over into another qualified retirement plan or distributed to the employee. Employee decisions may have tax implications. Further information and forms for distribution/rollover may be obtained directly from the retirement carrier.

Additional information about the transition of benefits can be found below. A link to the applicable document is sent to the employee’s RISD email as part of the Workday termination process.

Exit Survey and Interview

On initiation of the Workday termination process, an employee who resigns from RISD will receive an invitation to respond to an electronic exit survey so RISD can gain insight into their employee experience. Additionally, exiting employees are invited to schedule an exit interview with Human Resources to provide further insight into their experience and/or to review the transition of benefits. Interested employees can schedule an appointment by contacting Human Resources at 401 454-6606 or humres@risd.edu.

Final Paycheck

RISD will issue a terminating employee’s final pay during the next normal pay period and according to the established mode of payment (e.g., direct deposit).