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Summer Heat Guidelines

Many employees of RISD work outdoors or in offices with minimal or no air conditioning and, at times, high summer temperatures may impact working conditions for these employees. Supervisors of employees in these situations are best suited to make decisions that will best support the health and safety of employees working in extreme conditions.

There are many factors to consider, including the personal health status of individual employees, the ability and practicality of moving employees to an air-conditioned or more moderate workspace, and the ability to change employees’ work assignments and/or to defer work until conditions improve. Accordingly, supervisors should assess the particular situation with their employees and determine the next steps to take, which may include relieving the employees from their duties until work conditions improve. The next level supervisor should be consulted when there are questions about how best to proceed.

Human Resources is also available for consultation as needed. Employees who choose to leave work because of extreme heat conditions may charge their time off to unused vacation or personal time.