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Transfers and Promotions

RISD encourages employees to seek higher-level positions or lateral transfers for which they qualify. Toward this end, RISD posts positions online, makes copies of job postings available, and offers employees the opportunity to apply for open positions within RISD.

Employees must be in their jobs for at least six months before applying for a change in position. In addition, employees must have good performance and attendance records to be eligible to apply for an internal position. RISD, in its discretion, may grant exceptions to these guidelines as it deems appropriate. Please consult Human Resources with questions.

Each employee requesting a change in position will be considered for the new position on an equal basis with all other applicants.

Employees who wish to apply for a posted position are encouraged to discuss it first with their supervisor/manager and Human Resources so that it may be determined if their skills fit the requirements of the desired job. Employees should also feel free to discuss their career aspirations with their supervisor/manager or Human Resources at any time.

If an employee wishes to have an exploratory interview prior to applying for the position, and the employee fulfills the basic criteria for the position, Human Resources will set up an exploratory interview with the hiring department. If the employee remains interested in the position, they may apply for the position online.

If a RISD employee is selected by the hiring manager, the timing of the transfer to the new position will be determined between the current manager and hiring manager based on the needs of both departments.

If an employee is hired into a new position, another review and orientation period may be activated.