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Moving Within: Meet Derek Furry


Meet Derek Furry, Lead Integration Analyst/Developer in Information Technology Services, who was recently promoted into this role after applying for the open position through Workday. Prior to his promotion, Derek worked with the ITS team for more than eight years as an Application Developer/Analyst.

“I had always thought about being a lead developer at some point in my career; however, I did not think too much about it when the position initially opened. But after thoughtful consideration, I decided to apply for the position, as I was drawn to this opportunity that would enable me to lead, mentor, and assist other developers, just as I had been during my tenure at RISD.”

Derek noted that he received unwavering support and encouragement from his manager in pursuing his new role, as well as from his colleagues. Additionally, he shared that he is enjoying his new position, especially working with everyone on campus and being in a supportive role that allows him to lead and direct work projects.

When asked, “Why RISD,” Derek said, “RISD is an amazing place to work! I love the college campus, the people I work and interact with, and the amazing opportunities it affords my family to take classes at CE. Whether it be faculty, staff, or students, everyone is willing to assist one another. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out solutions, the opportunity to gain knowledge about programming, and to learn about things I never thought about before. I appreciate the work-life balance at RISD by working from home—it allows me more time to spend with my family.”