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Onboarding at RISD for Managers: Celebrating Your New Employee’s First Year

Congratulations! Together, you and your new employee have successfully navigated through their first year at RISD.

At this point, your new employee is fully engaged in new role. They apply skills and knowledge, make sound decisions, contribute to team goals, understand how their assignments affect others in the organization, and develops effective working relationships. They also understand RISD’s mission and culture. In summary, your new employee continues to be engaged in their role, has gained greater confidence in position, begins to take on additional assignments, and works with some level of autonomy.

  • Ask for your employee’s feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the onboarding experience. Do this one-on-one or with a small group of new employees (if applicable).

  • Celebrate successes and recognize your employee’s contributions.
  • Continue providing regular informal feedback; provide formal feedback during scheduled performance management-related conversations
  • Have a conversation with employee about their experience at RISD to date:
    • Did employee’s expectations of role and RISD align with their experiences?
    • Are employee’s skills and knowledge being utilized and what opportunities exist to better utilize them? What is working, and what needs adjustment?
  • Begin discussing and planning for the year ahead.

  • Support and encourage their continued participation in community enrichment opportunities and college committees, as appropriate.

  • Encourage your employee to continue to learn and grow by discussing their professional development goals and identifying relevant learning opportunities.