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Onboarding at RISD for Managers: Within Your New Employee’s First Three Months

During your new employee’s first three months (90 days), they are typically becoming more fully engaged and aware of their role and responsibilities and begin to work independently and produce meaningful work. Additionally, they continue to adjust and acclimate to the environment, both functionally and socially.

  • Have lunch or coffee in person or virtually and talk informally about how things are going.

  • Meet for Check-in Conversation or ad hoc three-month check-in to provide clear feedback related to progress on current assignments and projects, assigning and/or finalizing specific goals and priorities, and asking what’s working, what challenges they are experiencing, and what they need to succeed.
  • Continue assigning meaningful work that is challenging yet doable.

Wellness and well-being are an ongoing conversation. If it’s been a stressful time, you may want to ask how your employee is doing or share what you find helpful. Consider asking if they had a chance to join any wellness webinars or activities, check out the resources available through Coastline EAP (RISD’s employee assistance program provider), or mention one that you enjoyed.

  • Continue reviewing college policies with the employee and provide time to answer any questions.

  • Identify opportunities for your employee to interact with team members regularly (lunch, coffee, projects, feedback, etc.).
  • Encourage your employee to attend new hire social engagement activities as scheduled.
  • Review RISD’s Commitment to Social Equity & Inclusion and other diversity initiatives.

  • Ask your employee for feedback on the learning and training opportunities they have completed.
  • Assess future training and development needs.
  • Ask about their areas of interest and encourage them to explore what campus has to offer. Follow up with information and/or connect to others with similar interests.
  • Continue to encourage your employee to explore learning and development benefits such as LinkedIn Learning and programs offered through RISD Learns/Rhode Island Higher Education Training Consortium (RIHETC).