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Onboarding at RISD for Managers: Within Your New Employee’s First Week

During your new employee’s first week, this is the time for them to learn about internal processes, policies, and the roles and responsibilities of their new position/performance expectations.  They will begin settling into the new work environment and connecting with their colleagues and campus partners.

  • Touch base daily to help the new employee acclimate and feel welcomed and included.
  • Make sure the employee knows who to ask for information. Help the employee feel comfortable asking tough questions.

  • Confirm your employee has a fully functioning computer and systems access and understands how to use them, as well as the available resources and support. Reach out to the ITS Service Desk at servicedesk@risd.edu if additional support is needed.

  • Provide additional contextual information about the department and organization to increase understanding of the purpose within the RISD community, goals, and strategic initiatives. 
  • Describe the orientation and review (probationary) period and the required areas of focus for success.  Identify and be familiar with the end date of the orientation and review period.  Communicate with your employee about how they are doing in acclimating to the position. 
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities. Employees should understand the scope of their job, their duties, and the parameters/expectations within which they can operate. Describe how their work contributes to the department, and how the job and department contribute to the division and the institution.
  • Discuss expectations. Employees should understand job performance and respectful behavior expectations. The more specific– with examples of desired behaviors and performance milestones – the better.
    • Introduce RISD's performance management process 
    • Introduce RISD's core competencies for staff and leaders and acceptable behaviors for success. 
    • Discuss the culture of the department/team.  Each department/team has a unique culture, and new employees need to understand how to navigate the culture and how to build support and rapport with others.
    • Describe your leadership style.
  • Plan the employee’s first assignment. Provide them with a task or small project that will provide them the opportunity to work with others and build relationships, gain a better understanding of the department and college, add value to the team, build confidence, and celebrate success.
  • Schedule weekly/biweekly meetings, a 30-day check-in meeting, and a 90-day check-in meeting with the new employee.

  • Ensure your employee is familiar with all applicable college and department policies. RISD’s New Employee Information provides a list of key college policies that should be reviewed during the first days of employment.

  • Arrange for a personal welcome from the department/division leader
  • Provide the new employee with a tour of campus (can be done virtually or by walking around) including locations on campus where meetings may be held; dining facilities; etc.

  • Reinforce the importance of completing the Harassment and Discrimination training assigned by the Office of Equity and Compliance.
  • Discuss professional learning and development needs and opportunities to support your employee’s success in their new role.
  • Encourage employee to explore one of our learning and development benefits, LinkedIn Learning