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Onboarding at RISD for Managers: Before Your New Employee Starts

Before the employee begins, this is the time to ensure your new hire has the necessary system access, equipment, office space, etc. and to make an onboarding plan to set your new employee up for acclimation to RISD and success in their new role.

Ensuring that you are prepared to welcome your new employee on day one is a critical component to the overall success of your new staff member.

  • Reach out to your new employee** prior to their start date to extend a personal welcome. Be prepared to answer questions and communicate the first day logistics to follow their HR appointment (remember, new employees start their first day of work in Human Resources to complete required onboarding paperwork during an approximate 15-minute appointment) to include: 
    • Location, time, and the person to whom they report.  If virtual, provide a Zoom link.
    • ID/Parking Pass details, if applicable, and a reminder that these will be obtained on their first day.
    • Where to park on the first day in relation to on-campus work location.
    • Workplace attire (uniforms, if applicable; footwear, etc.)
    • Contact information for additional questions/issues that may arise before their start date.

** If reaching via phone, be sure to follow-up with an email that includes the first day logistics and a reminder link to the New Employee Website (this link will also be sent to the new employee via Workday as part of their Onboarding tasks), which includes Before You Start information, a welcome video, resources relevant to the College’s rich history, and RISD's systems account access information.

  • Announce the new hire to your team and include their start date, role, and a brief bio. Copy the new employee, if appropriate.
  • Update your department website contact information, if applicable, by emailing risdwebsite@risd.edu.
  • Assign a colleague who can also assist your new employee (in addition to you as the supervisor) with introductions to key campus partners, provide insights on culture, information about how things work, and help to build professional and personal networks.
    • Be sure to connect with the assigned colleague to provide guidance, suggestions, and tips.

  • Arrange to have the work area cleaned as needed, and set up workspace with supplies.
  • Order keys, business cards, uniforms, etc., as appropriate based on the employee's job function.
  • Determine computer and telephone set-up. Put in a ticket with RISD's ITS Service Desk at servicedesk@risd.edu to order/reassign appropriate technology equipment (laptop, desktop computer, printer, iPad), to have the systems set-up in advance, and to set up phone extension/arrange for phone installation.
  • Active directory, Zoom, and email access are completed as part of the Workday hire process.  Complete the IT Additional Access form to arrange for access to shared/department network storage, Colleague, etc. 
  • Consider if there are internal software applications and/or professional memberships managed by your department or area where the employee will need access based on their job function and arrange as needed. 

  • Arrange your calendar to be present or ensure that a designee is available to meet and welcome the new employee.  
  • Once calendar and email access is established, prepare the employee’s calendar/schedule for their first few weeks, including regularly scheduled meetings and introductory meetings with key people (include team members). Pre-schedule uninterrupted time to meet one-on-one on a regular basis over the course of at least the first month to orient them and help them feel connected. 
  • Schedule lunch with colleagues for the first day. This can be in person or, if needed, virtual.
  • Review employee’s position description and prepare how you’ll communicate expectations for the position and milestones for success.
  • Develop a plan for the first couple of weeks to acclimate and actively engage your new employee in meaningful work. As appropriate, begin to make plans for the employee’s first assignment(s) and consider what support and other resources may be required to ensure success.
  • Plan department/office orientation considering what key information is needed for job success (organizational information, tools, job aids and training manuals, department policies, etc.).

  • Begin to develop a learning plan. Consider what the new employee needs to learn related to:
    • Job tasks and skills
    • College policies and procedures 
    • Team and institutional culture
    • Professional and career development
  • Determine if Environmental Health and Safety information and training are needed based on the position. Contact the office of Environmental Health and Safety with any position-specific requirements.
  • Be aware of onboarding-related learning opportunities (e.g., harassment and discrimination/Title IX training, Workday training, time reporting/time off requests, etc.)