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Onboarding at RISD for New Employees: Celebrating Your First Year

Congratulations! Together, you and your manager have successfully navigated through your first year at RISD.

By now, we hope you are fully onboarded in your new role, and are actively applying your skills and knowledge, strengthening connections within the community by developing effective and collaborative working relationships, and understanding how your role contributes to individual, team, and division goals, as well as RISD’s mission and strategic objectives.

  • Remain engaged in committee work and other cross-department opportunities, as well as campus events
  • Provide feedback to your manager regarding your onboarding experience—highlight success points and/or make suggestions for improvement
  • We invite you to explore the Involved page regularly. It's a hub of exciting happenings, from professional development opportunities to social gatherings. Discover ways to connect, learn, and be part of the vibrant community we're building together. Your active participation enriches our collective experience!

  • Consider ways to continue your growth and development within your role and team, and connect with your manager accordingly.