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Onboarding at RISD for New Staff: On Your First Day

On your first day we want you to feel welcomed and prepared to start working as you begin to understand what it means to be a part of the RISD community and your team.

  • Unless other arrangements have been made between you and Human Resources, start your first day by coming directly to RISD Human Resources (20 Washington Place, 3rd Floor) to complete onboarding tasks and actions. Your manager (or department representative) will meet you at Human Resources.
  • Meet with your manager to discuss the following:
    • Your role
    • Timekeeping (for non-exempt staff) and other paid time off information relevant to how hours worked are recorded for your position
    • Breaks (if applicable)
    • Department-specific norms, procedures, and policies
    • Your orientation and review period (if applicable)
    • Your first week’s schedule and confirm meetings with colleagues, campus partners, etc.

  • Set up your personal workspace to ensure you have the resources necessary to be successful in your new role
  • Begin introduction to Workday, Google Suite, Zoom, and other institution-wide platforms, as well as relevant systems and processes for time tracking (if applicable), time-off requests, and other employee transactions. Workday training and ITS training are also available.
  • Review hybrid/remote work office expectations and information, and complete hybrid/remote work agreement request form, if applicable
  • Take a tour of your building/workspace to familiarize yourself with: 
    • Restrooms, copy machines, bulletin boards, printers, office supplies, break rooms, vending machines, emergency exits, conference rooms, etc.

  • Pick up your RISD ID card and parking pass (if applicable) from Card Services and Public Safety.

  • Connect with your peers to begin to build community. Meet your co-workers and review your organizational chart in Workday
  • Ensure your cell phone number is updated in Workday and download the LiveSafe app for community alerts from the RISD!Alert emergency notification system to receive timely community updates. Here’s how to update your contact information in Workday