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Onboarding at RISD for New Employees: Within Your First Six Months

After six months, we want you to have gained momentum in your role, started to take the lead on some initiatives and have built peer relationships. You should be confident and engaged in your new position while continuing to focus on growth and development.

  • Check out RISD’s Color Lab, learn about the resources available to all community members through RISD CoWorks, and remain actively engaged in community events.
  • As applicable, become involved in committee work and cross-department opportunities to further deepen connections across RISD and to gain a greater understanding of the interconnected nature of RISD’s departments and divisions.
  • We invite you to explore the Involved page regularly. It's a hub of exciting happenings, from professional development opportunities to social gatherings. Discover ways to connect, learn, and be part of the vibrant community we're building together. Your active participation enriches our collective experience!

  • Continue to explore and participate in opportunities available to staff through LinkedIn Learning, RISD Learns/RIHETC, and the College’s wellness partners (BCBSRI, Coastline EAP, TIAA, etc.) 
  • Seek out and participate in learning opportunities related to your role, skills or interests, and identify ways to apply your learning/share your learning with your team(s).
  • Participate in other professional development opportunities such as relevant conferences, meetings, training, and more as departmental budgets allow.